Don’t Waste Tomorrow

This Anzac Day the Vikings Group will launch our campaign to reduce alcohol related harm and anti-social behaviour in our venues. ‘Don’t Waste Tomorrow’ is designed to give Members and the community useful and practical suggestions to help them enjoy themselves safely and in moderation.

The campaign follows the Vikings Group steadfast commitment to the community and their unwavering focus to operate and exist as a socially responsible organisation.

With an ACT Government white paper revealing alcohol-fueled violence and injuries are a growing concern in Canberra, with a 32 per cent jump in the number of alcohol-related emergency presentations between 2009-10 and 2012-13. It is timely that the four Vikings Group licenced clubs start looking at additional ways to reduce alcohol related harm and violence.

Vikings understands that our clubs are enjoyed by many for numerous entertainment and leisure pursuits. While the choice to drink sits with the individual, Vikings recognises that to make responsible choices Members need to be informed about positive drinking behaviour.  Rather than focusing on or criticising bad behaviour, the ‘Don’t Waste Tomorrow’ concentrates on good times minus the negative next day consequences.

While alcohol affects each individual differently, the campaign communicates suggestions people can take while in a Vikings club to enjoy themselves safely and stay in control. Some of the simple messages include:

  • Standard drinks per beverage type

  • Tracking alcohol consumption

  • Alcohol consumption and the body

  • The ability to call a taxi free of charge at Reception

  • Free water available at the bar

  • Having a bite to eat


The aim is to ensure an enjoyable experience in our clubs, whether choosing to have a drink or not.

Vikings understand our role is ongoing in assisting individuals to make socially responsible decisions when it comes to drinking and we are extremely proud to be part of the ongoing solution.


Think How You Drink