A Bright Future

From its founding, the Vikings Group has been dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen. Using our unique community club model to provide for the diverse social and recreational needs of our community and people. 

Vikings in our current state provides entertainment, recreation and sporting facilities for Members and the wider community.  We understand that the provision of community facilities are a vital component to building a healthy and liveable city, providing people with opportunities to meet and participate in activities. Our venues provide an essential meeting place for our community, in conjunction our sporting facilities provide a home for local rugby and numerous sporting groups.

Through conversations and surveys with our Members and research initiatives on long term needs and desires of residents, we have identified that in order for Vikings to meet these needs and desires we must develop a business model that is less dependent on Electronic Gaming Machine revenue.

In a volatile operational and macro environment the Vikings Group has undertaken extensive reviews of our long term strategic plan, with the end objective to continue to; 

– grow the game of rugby

– provide future facilities that address the wants, needs and aspirations of our members and the wider Tuggeranong community.

As a result of the above objectives and as part of the strategic plan review Vikings has been investigating potential development and diversification opportunities.  Which include the possible relocation of Vikings Park from its current Erindale location to a designated sporting precinct in Western Greenway. A plan that would allow for the development a modern sporting complex in metropolitan Greenway, pulling together a range of new and existing sports and community groups including rugby.

This has allowed the Vikings Group to review the best long term use of our land at Erindale.  So far enquiry around the redevelopment of Erindale has been focused on the transformation of the property into a contemporary high quality mixed use village. A village that would deliver the holistic experiences desired by our community, fulfilling the needs and aspirations identified by the Tuggeranong population and incorporating a new Club that provides our members with the best hospitality has to offer.

We are still in the infancy stages of planning. The expanded concept for an integrated village on the Erindale property and the development of a sporting precinct in Greenway will require Territory Plan changes as well as further stakeholder engagement. A disciplined and recognised community consultation and engagement process would be central to this rigorous redevelopment process which we believe we result in an outcome that is something our members and the community can be proud of.