BMX Champs Thanks Vikings

Recent Rio Olympian and World Number 1 BMX racer, Caroline Buchanan came from humble beginnings with the Vikings Group. Since her days training at the Tuggeranong BMX Club, Caroline soared to the top of her sport. She’s taken home an impressive five elite World Championships, 15 Australian National Championships and the wins keep coming!

Despite her global success, Caroline is still closely affiliated with the Vikings Group in Canberra. Caroline is grateful to the Tuggeranong BMX Club for building the foundations she needed to get to where she is today.

“The BMX community in Canberra would suffer severely without places like the Tuggeranong BMX Club. Not only did they provide somewhere to train while I was growing up in Canberra, but they also gave me vital financial and in-kind support to encourage me to pursue my dreams,” explained Caroline.

“Considering how costly it is to compete in certain sports, aspiring to be a professional athlete can be very difficult. Particularly in a sport like BMX where the equipment, entry fees, travel and accommodation costs can add up quickly. I’m so grateful to the Vikings for all they’ve done for me,” she concluded.

Felicia, local BMX racer and another member of the Tuggeranong BMX Club, almost gave up her dream because to the financial pressures associated with the sport. However, thanks to support from Vikings Erindale, Felicia is now following in Caroline’s footsteps on the road to success.

“My story starts with a big thank you to the Vikings Group,” said Felicia. “I race BMX locally, interstate and internationally and I’ve been fortunate enough to bring home a World 7th place, a USA 4th place and podium results nationally.”

“Without the Vikings’ generous support to all sports, including BMX, many of Canberra’s aspiring athletes wouldn’t be able to attend competitive sporting events. The club works so hard to improve and maintain our facilities and tracks to help us train all year round.”

“I recently won a scholarship and the Junior Sport Person of the Year for the Vikings Group” Felicia continued. “I was over the moon to be recognised for my hard work. We had just returned from the USA, so my parents were running low on funds. The Vikings scholarship helped me enter and funded me to attend the World Championships.”

“My racing has finished for this year because of an injury. But my next challenge has just begun. I have more determination to make the finals than ever before. I couldn’t live my dream of becoming an Olympian without my parents, my sponsors, and most of all, the Vikings Group. Thank you all for believing in me, one day I will make that dream come true.”