Play Within Your Limits

A Vikings Group Harm Minimisation Program

The Vikings Group strives for excellence in all aspects of services and facilities, and our commitment to providing responsible gaming services for our Members is no exception. Our Harm Minimisation Program is an important reflection of our commitment to our Members and the community.

Recognising the potential for harm, The Vikings Group has actively taken responsibility to implement harm-minimisation measures that go above what is legally required. A holistic program that focuses on mental health and well being for our community, Members and staff.

It is our belief that a successful harm minimisation program requires ownership from our staff and Members. In creating, branding and communicating our own internal responsible gaming program and messages we have assured that our staff and Members are working with a program that is genuine and suited to their needs.

 The formation and implementation of our own Harm Minimisation Program – Play Within Your Limits increased accessibility to support services for our Membership and staff.

More Information

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