$10.9 Schnitty Night @ Chisholm Bistro

Every Tuesday Night
6pm – 9pm

Chisholm Bistro


Panko Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzel
Includes your choice of two sides



Steam vegetables
Mixed garden salad with vinaigrette dressing
steak cut fries
creamy Mash Potato

Add Sauce     $1.50 

Three pepper corn sauce
Mixed mushrooms sauce
Diane sauce
Red wine & rosemary jus

Add a Topping

Mexicana    $2.00 | $2.40
Napoli sauce, spicy avocado, mixed beans salsa, sour cream, mozzarella, coriander             

Hawaiian    $2.00 | $2.40
Napoli sauce, ham, pineapple, mozzarella

Meat Lover    $2.00 | $2.40
Chorizo sausage, bacon, ham, spicy salami, bbq sauce

Garlic Prawns    $5.00 | $5.50
Creamy garlic sauce, three prawns, mozzarella  

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