Pidgeon Racing

Tuggeranong Valley Pigeon Racing Club

Pigeon Racing is an ideal sport for anyone, regardless of age or sex. It is a great family sport as all family members can participate. One advantage of homing pigeons is that when released from their loft (aviary) for their daily exercise you can enjoy watching them fly.Programme
Breeding takes place from approximately September through to January. Training begins in May for 8 weeks with the main race program commencing in July. Racing commences at 100km progressing up to 1,000km. Racing generally finishes around November. Birds are transported weekly in an Association transporter designed especially for racing pigeons.


Tuggeranong Valley RPC encourages anyone interested in the keeping or homing of racing pigeons to contact them for further information. Young people between the ages of 8 to 16 years may send their race pigeons each week free of transportation costs. Junior awards are issued weekly and all juniors receive trophies on Presentation night. Experience flyers are always available to assist the novice flyer. Pigeon fanciers are always welcome.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7.30pm.
Contacts Mark & Debbie Tobin 6231 8889