Murrumbidgee Broomball Club

Incorporating the Ramjets and Vikings Broomball Teams

What is Broomball?
Broomball is a team sport played on an ice rink with rules similar to hockey and soccer. Players wear soft-soled shoes to run on the ice as well as protective padding and compulsory helmets. They hit an inflated rubber ball with a broom (wooden or aluminium handle with a rubber or plastic paddle-shaped head) and try to score more goals than the opposition team.

Although there is some confusion whether the sport of Broomball originated in Russia or Canada, it is generally accepted that the sport we know today began in Montreal, Canada in 1911. Local streetcar workers started hitting a ball between the streetcar rails with the brooms they used to sweep snow off the tracks. It has now grown to be the second most popular team ice sport in Canada and is played in over a dozen countries around the world.

Murrumbidgee Broomball Club
In 1995 the first formal Club was formed within the ACT Broomball Association. The Murrumbidgee Broomball Club (M.B.C.) started with one of the foundation teams from the A.C.T.B.A., the Ramjets, and has grown to include a second team, the Vikings.

The ideals of the M.B.C. are to encourage equal participation from all Club Members in Club activities and develop the playing skills of Club members oriented on a team first approach. The Club has a fundamental philosophy that players should enjoy their sport first and always.

The Club participates in fundraising activities from its base at Lanyon Sports Club, assisting in the meat raffles on Friday night’s and appreciates the support of The Vikings Group.


Anybody interested in becoming involved in Broomball should contact:
Bryce Marshall on 0405 022 983