Tuggeranong Vikings Fishing Club

Established in 1984, the Vikings Fishing Club (VFC) is a diverse and accepting fishing club which welcomes people from all walks of life. An affiliated club of the Vikings Group, the VFC is committed to welcoming members no matter what level their fishing skills are at. We encourage our membership to include partners and families with our junior membership getting stronger and stronger every year. Currently, membership is just shy of 180 members with many members being with the VFC for over 5 years – some have even been in the club for over 20 years!

The primary focus of the VFC is fishing. We offer our members a wide variety of fishing trips expanding across the year. Our trips consist of both fresh and salt water trips which include locations such as Jindabyne, Eucumbene, Mallacoota, Jervis Bay and Bermagui  (just to name a few!).

Our trips cater to many skills sets and enable modes of fishing such as beach, estuary, deep sea, game, lake fishing and more.

In addition to these trips, the VFC undertakes a variety of fundraising events for the benefit of VFC members. From BBQ’s to raffles, money raised goes back to supporting the VFC, its sponsors and its members.

Committee Member Contacts:
President: Brendan Robinson - 0412 130 758 -
Vice-President: Pat Dredge - 0410 489 516 -
Treasurer: Greg Healy - 0408 813 150 - Secretary: Graham Bell - 0409 900 373 -

How do I join your Club?

Interested in joining the Vikings Fishing Club? Come along to one of our General Meetings, held the second Tuesday of every month at the Vikings Erindale, from 7:30pm. 

Not only do our General meetings cover the ins and outs of the Vikings Fishing Club, but we have raffles, the odd lucky door prize or auction and presentations from our sponsors and special guests.

Membership Details

The potential new member must be a financial member of the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union Club. The 2018/19 fee structure is detailed below:



Fishing Membership (Family Associate) $50.00

Fishing Family $80.00




Participate in fishing trips

 x  x

Participate in social events

 x  x

Partner participate in social events

 x  x

Partner participate in fishing trips



Children/grandchildren participate in fishing trips

 x  x

Children/grandchildren participate in social events

 x  x

Can book club house

 x  x

Partner can stay at club house for no additional fee

 x  x

Partner can book club house

x  x

What constitutes ‘Junior Membership’?

A junior member is a member through either of the family membership options. Junior members must be under the age of 18.

Upon reaching the age of 18, a junior member no longer retains the benefits of junior membership. However, upon reaching the age of 18, a junior has the right to full membership without having to attend a general meeting. Full membership fees and conditions apply.

Training Schedule

A calendar of the year’s trips, including other social events, is available on the Vikings Fishing Club website,

Contact Details