Tuggeranong Tornadoes Gridiron Club

Gridiron (American Football)

The Tuggeranong Tornadoes were established in 1993 and participated in the first ACT Gridiron League season. Since then the Tornadoes have grown to become the most successful and longest running club in the ACT and one of the most recognised clubs in Australia. The club has won 4 of the last 6 ACTGL senior competitions and has also won 3 junior competitions.

The Tornadoes field a side in both the seniors and juniors competitions. Seniors are played from August to November and are players aged 18+. The junior competitions run from June to August for players between 15-17. A third competition is also run which is “Flag football” for all age groups and is non-contact. It is run from March to May each year and is a good way to learn the sport.

Contact Details

President: Cody Field 0418 463 601