Ni Bonchi Judo Club

Ni Bonchi Judo Club was founded in 1981 and teaches discipline, physical and mental control.

Judo is practiced by millions of people throughout the world.  People practice Judo to excel in competition, to stay in shape, to develop self-confidence, and for many other reasons, but most of all people play Judo just for the fun of it. 

Judo was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964 and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today.  It is a fun sport, a discipline, a recreational or social activity, a fitness program, a means of self-defense or combat, and a way of life.

Ni Bonchi Judo Club caters for all grades and ages (children must be at least 6 years of age).  You can call in and discuss the sport of Judo with us at these times, or contact us.

Ni Bonchi’s instructors are qualified under Judo Australia’s Coach Accreditation Framework (CAF) and as such, you can be assured of receiving legitimate and safe training.

Our instructors are:

John Fairhall (3rd Dan);
Ashley Hayes (3rd Dan and Continental Referee);
Neil Hayes (2nd Dan and Oceania Referee);
Ian Little (1st Dan); and
David Eichner (1st Dan).

Training is held downstairs at:
Lanyon Vikings, Heidelberg St, Conder.
Tuesdays – 6.00pm to 7.30pm
Thursdays – 6.00pm to 7.30pm

Ni Bonchi Judo Club is a member of JudoACT, which is a member of Judo Australia (JA), which is affiliated with the Oceania Judo Union (OJU), and the International Judo Federation (IJF).

*** The first training session is complimentary ***

Secretary:  Robyn Hayes
Mobile:  0402 202 392
Email:  nibonchi@outlook.com
Website: www.nibonchi.org.au