South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club

 South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club

The South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club was first established in 1956 and for many years has been a proud promoter of athletics throughout the Tuggeranong Valley and South Canberra region. SCTAC is focussed on increasing the number of people participating in, and enjoying athletics. Some of our most popular events include the Fadden Pines Series held each Sunday at 3pm from May to August, which is aimed at primary school aged children, and our annual Christmas Fun Run or ‘Turkey Run’. Please see our website for a full calendar of events. SCTAC also supports several elite junior and senior athletes through development programs involving sponsorship and specialised coaching. 

Current Committee Members are:

President: Ryan Young
Treasurer: Mike Sexton
Secretary: Jonathon Tammen
Vikings Liaison Officer: Peter Hosking
Website Manager: Ewen Thompson
General Reps: Garry Hosking, Trish D’Abrera, Geoff Monro, Jim White

How do I join your Club?

Registration is done via Athletics ACT‘s online portal and can be done at any time throughout the year. Memberships for the 2014-2015 season last from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015. Click the link below to register.

Note: Make sure to select “South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club” as  the club in the dropdown menu. 

Membership Details

Full membership:

Adult – $110
Junior (U20) – $90
(Athletes on a full membership can compete each week at Athletics ACT interclub meets for minimal fees and at state and national level championships

Base Membership – $10
(Athletes on a base membership can compete in all Athletics ACT meets but must pay higher fees that full members – normally $25 a meet; includes full insurance)

Training Schedule

Tues 5:00pm  Banks Oval Chris/Nathan McNab

Tues 5:00pm  Banks Oval Chris/Nathan McNab
Tues 5:00pm  Calwell    Brian Duvall
Weds 5:30pm  Calwell    Kathy Matthews

Tues 3:30pm  Warramanga Les Bottles Mobile: 0401520767                            
Weds 5:30pm  Calwell    Kathy Matthews
Thur 3:30pm  Warramanga Les Bottles
Sun  3:30pm  Warramanga Les Bottles

Race Walking:
Gary Hosking (6161 3940) Check with him for latest times

Mon  4:15pm   Calwell    Val Chesterton
Weds 4:15pm   Calwell    Val Chesterton
Sat  4:15pm   Calwell    Val Chesterton         

Middle Distance & Distance:

Mon Hughes Gary Hosking (61613940) (Check for times)
Mon  4:15pm   Calwell    Val Chesterton
Tues 6:00pm   Fadden     Keri Vaughan
Weds 4:15pm   Calwell    Val Chesterton
Fri  9:00am   Calwell    Val Chesterton

Contact Details


For more information please contact club president Ryan Young via:

Mobile: 0466 480 261