Australian Capital Taekwondo Club

Australian Capital Taekwondo is fully committed to the advancement of Taekwondo as both a Martial Art and Sport within the Tuggeranong Valley and the ACT as a whole. Millions of people around the world practice Taekwondo for a number of reasons. They practice for fun, to keep in shape, to increase their general flexibility, to gain confidence, to participate in sport, these are just a few. As a Sport, Taekwondo was a full Medal Sport in the 2000 Olympics. Australia produced a Gold and Silver medal placing second overall in this event. Mandatory safety equipment is worn in all contests and strict rules ensure that all competitions are conducted in a safe yet competitive atmosphere. Competitions are broken up by age, weight, and levels of experience.

Instructor Mr Stuart Lee, 8th Dan, heads Australian Capital Taekwondo and Lee’s Taekwondo Australia. Stuart has over 45 years experience in Taekwondo and has captained Australia on six occasions. Stuart was an Olympic selector in 2000, one of the Australian Olympic Committee Section Managers in 2004 and has held many positions for the Australian Industry Body now known as Australian Taekwondo where he was a Director on the Board. Stuart is also the Secretary General of the Oceania Taekwondo Union which is the recognised umbrella organisation for 20 national taekwondo federations. 

All instructors are internationally certified, first aid trained and hold a current WWVP ID card, programs cater for all age groups (Panda’s 3-5, Tiger’s 6-8, Dragon’s 9-11, Cadet’s, 12-14, Junior’s 15-17 & Adult’s 18+) training can be offered and tailor made for schools, corporations and community organisations.

How do I join your Club?

Any one of any age can join at any time. Classes are held during in a full time air-conditioned and fully equipped martial arts and activities centre, with a progress training system in place providing motivation and achievement at each session.

Classes are held on the corner of Scollay Street & Reed Street (Sth) Tuggeranong [upstairs]. Full training costs and terms & conditions are available on request by contacting us.

Training Schedule

Monday - Friday: 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Saturday: From 8:30am

Contact Details

Mr Stuart Lee, Master Instructor: 0412 022 941
Mrs Linda Smith, Manager: 0418 745 681